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Re: NFC: [Fwd: BOUNCE killietalk at aka_org: Non-member submission from[bearonsmallmountain at att_net]]


Note that the message was a forward from the killy list and the fellow won't
get your answer here. I'll try to cc: it to him, but any others should send
answers directly to him. See his URL in the cc: of this header.


"Ray Ravary, Jr." wrote:
> I caught mine at the Everglades. We stopped at some famous photographer who
> has a shop about half way to Miami along the main drag through the
> everglades.  Andy? he does everglade landscapes at the tune of $200.00 for a
> 8X10  print. His shop is about 2 miles east of the National Park interpretive
> center. He has a small part of the glades in the form of a pool in front of
> the shop. Ask for permission to collect and try their pond/creek/canal  and
> across the street in the canal. Also try the Boardroom  aquarium shop in Fort
> Meyers on the way/near the airport. If you stop at the boardroom call me and
> pick me up some fish. He usually has natives their. call me  (734) 483-2360 or
> e-mail me
> R3
> Wright Huntley wrote:
> > Any help from you guys in Fla.?
> >
> > Wright
> >
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> > Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 20:31:07 -0800
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> >
> > Only have a couple more days in Florida before I have to
> > go home to Seattle area.  In Naples area and am trying
> > to find Fundulus cyngulatus?   Anyone know of any
> > certain locations.  Don't mind the alligators they have
> > so far been staying out of my way but do need road
> > access.  I have spent a couple days looking for them in
> > Marco Island area but may not be looking in the right
> > places or there may be better ones that I am unaware.
> > Please help.  Thanks in advance.  MikeC

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