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NFC: Re: Indiana fish kill gets worse

As I said earlier it sounds like something else then ammonia was released,
"Could be there is something more  then ammonia, which would effect the
total water column, not just the bottom roaming fish would be effected too.
I also like the diversion idea too.  We had a Phosphate spill here not to
long ago and misinformation is still going on(now only about how much it
killed, months after the fish and other animal's bodies are disposed of."
The company that had the spill or dumping may and will put up a front and
fight to protect their name and money.  The company down here is still doing
that very thing now.    JiM C.
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Date: Monday, December 27, 1999 9:24 PM
Subject: NFC: Indiana fish kill gets worse

>According to blurbs on TV this evening, things are getting worse in the
>River below Anderson, Indiana.  Tens of thousands of fish are dead and
>apparently raccoons and other animals are also being found dead.  The
>has been warned not to eat any fish from those waters and to keep pets away
>from the water.
>I will post media links as they become available.
>Chuck Church
>Indianapolis, Indiana USA