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Re: NFC: Fw: Lucania parva

FYI ...they appear tough.Might I reccomend you join our email list to
further discuss the topic...I will forward the thread to you either way 
WH writes,
> I haven't bred them, but have enjoyed observing them in our SF Bay 
> creeks.
> They obviously can take full-strength sea water, as they move easily 
> from
> one creek to another around the bay.
> > Initially
> > accepting various       foods, I believe an inadvertent green 
> water
> > algae bloom, has helped them through the          transition, w/ 
> reguard
> > to shyness, and perhaps   even aided in a smoother dietary 
> transition.
> > Any direction would be greatly appreciated.
> From the 3rd Vol of the Beansch series, I gleaned the following 
> *maybe*
> optimum conditions:
> Filamentous green algae and live foods, mostly for food.
> Alkaline water with a bit of salt (1t/25G).
> The algae or very soft mops for spawning medium.
> Gotta run. MNF is starting! ;-)
> Wright
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