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NFC: Sorry All - Pacific Northwest Amphibians

On Sun, 26 Dec 1999 23:45:15 GMT, you wrote:
Sorry Everybody, 
	When I wrote my post I neglected to check my signature file.
I do apologize. I live in Whatcom County which is about 90 miles north
of Seattle and on the Canadian border. To the West I have the Puget
Sound and to the East the Cascade Mountains. I am at sea level and am
not interested in keep alpine, salt or brackish water critters. 
	The tank in question is in uninsulated room and is unheated.
The room stays 10 degrees warmer than outside during the winter and
usually 5 degrees warmer in the summer.  For example last night we got
to the low 30's and the room was about 42 went I went to bed at 2am.
	I have successfully keep store bought newts, frogs and cold
loving fish in it for a number of years. I will be up grading to 80
gallon soon and hence room for some native experimentation.
	If you'd like to see where I am coming from fishwise and the
tank, please check out my webpage  www.geocities.com/~amazingaquaria/.
It is not that I am inexperienced with fishkeeping, it is just that I
don't know anything about natives (yet!). But I am ready and willing
to learn. 
	What I am looking for aside from net / legal collecting
resources  (Thank you Anthony) is someone close to me that collects in
my area or failing that some solid IDIOT PROOF (Me being the idiot)
advice where to look for critters, which species to get and how to
catch and keep them. Particularly advice on amphibians. 
	I know that's a lot to ask. But Spring is coming and I would
like to get the tank researched, cycled and stable before stocking it.
I have found that the more I know before I put water in the tank, the
better my success. For me that translates into more plants than I have
room for, crystal clear water and lots and lots of baby critters.

 Again thank you for your help and patience.

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