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Re: NFC: Pacific Northwest Amphibians

On Sun, 26 Dec 1999, Wright Huntley wrote:
> Amy,
> You don't give us a very good chance. From your message alone I cannot tell
> whether you live near Pt. Barrow AK or on Oahu HI. [Well, the subject *was*
> a wee givaway. ;-) The "Pacific Northwest" covers a huge variety of
> climates, tho.]

	Amy is from Bellingham, WA or thereabouts. An email address is
enough of a chance :-)

> That's why it used to be essential net courtesy (at least on fishy lists) to
> include a small .sig file with rough location and an alternate contact
> method when posting to the list. 
> That tradition was valuable, but seems to be getting lost. [Please *don't*

	In these days of ubiquitous electronic communication, a snail-mail
address is more or less useless. (Unless, of course, they are talking
about the fish in their backyard).