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Re: NFC: Pacific Northwest Amphibians

Amy Marie Pittman wrote:
> Hello one and all,
> Been at the fish and amphibian thing for a number of years and am
> ready to start keeping natives. My biggest wish is to keep critters
> native to my area in tanks planted and landscaped with local flora.
> Thanks you help in advance,
> Amy


You don't give us a very good chance. From your message alone I cannot tell
whether you live near Pt. Barrow AK or on Oahu HI. [Well, the subject *was*
a wee givaway. ;-) The "Pacific Northwest" covers a huge variety of
climates, tho.]

That's why it used to be essential net courtesy (at least on fishy lists) to
include a small .sig file with rough location and an alternate contact
method when posting to the list. 

That tradition was valuable, but seems to be getting lost. [Please *don't*
consider putting something in it that could encourage some wacko to stalk
you, tho. OK?]

That said, you bring up a topic that has been bothering me, quite a bit.
Unless you live in the tropics, the native fauna (and flora, for that
matter) typically will not be comfortable in our normal household
temperatures. I often drive nearly 1000 miles (to N. AZ or S. NV to collect
fish that can take my unheated tank temperatures. Unless they are out of hot
springs, my summers are just too warm for them.

I even have trouble breeding some *equatorial* fish for most of the year,
because their highland waters are cooler than I can keep in my home!

OK. How do you folks handle that, collecting in the "tropics" of Wisconsin
or PA? I really want to raise some western Speckled Dace, but seriously
doubt if they will like my conditions (too still and warm). I don't want to
keep them where I cannot continuously observe and enjoy them, tho. I haven't
found a non-endangered strain/location/sub-species that is in warmer water.

Your advice sincerely appreciated.


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