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NFC: Pacific Northwest Amphibians

Hello one and all,

Been at the fish and amphibian thing for a number of years and am
ready to start keeping natives. My biggest wish is to keep critters
native to my area in tanks planted and landscaped with local flora.

Last June we had a pipeline explosion about 1/4 mile from my house. It
destroyed my biggest source of aquatic inspiration, Whatcom Creek. I
never collected from the creek but I would often go there and think
about how I could reproduce that beauty in my paludariums. 

Now the creek is gone I would really like to raise local critters,
particularly fish, frogs, newts and the like. I am thinking of small
(under 6" at maturity) indigenous species. The only critter I an
objection to is crawfish (I tell you about my run-in with Whatcom
Creek "lobsters" at another time).  I  have a 29 gallon and possibly a
55 gallon to use for this project.... So here are my questions. Please
for give me if they seem silly.
1) What are the laws governing the collection and breeding (I always
have babies) of local amphibians and fish in my area? Or where could I
find them? I am not interested in keeping game fish.
2) Is there another in NFC that collects in Whatcom County? I am a
complete novice at collection and would love some help.
3) Are there good places to collect around here or more importantly
place to avoid?
4)What are the legalities aroung releasing critters? 

Thanks you help in advance, 

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