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Re: NFC: Releasing Fish

In a message dated 12/22/99 9:55:09 PM Central Standard Time, 
deano at leading_net writes:

> Without the possibility of release of native fish into watersheds, the
>  breeder's program would have no function other than raising tank  fish for
>  other tanks :) forget the
>  repopulation of protected species -
>   'endangered', or otherwise.
I know that (part of) my intention for joining the BP was to help maintain 
species in captivity that may become lost in the wild.  Perhaps too 
altruistic.  As of now I'm not keeping anything in that kind of danger, but I 
hope to gain experience.  I would never consider releasing anything on my 
own, but only as part of an approved program.  I know that there has been 
some ridicule of state workers and programs, but, being one, I know that 
things change over time.  Someday we'll evolve back into a species that 
appreciates what's in the wild, and I want to be there to help.  I just hope 
its through evolution not revolution, like some major catastrophe to make us 
ALL aware of that which those few of us now share.

Jack Lehman
"eschew obfuscation"