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NFC: Re:Releasing fish...

1.  1st Degree Scenario in releasing a native fish into a watershed.  A
species specific tank is recommended, isolated from other fish. Native fish
should be reared/bred in existing watershed water... then releasing the fish
in same watershed will result in the lowest probability of problems for the
target watershed.

Hi Paul.... Enjoyed your comments but would like to expand on this some...
I understand keeping a species specific tank under ideal conditions would be
to use the existing watershed water but if I am keeping a species from my
area, wouldnt my water that is used for water changes be from the general
vacinity as the said fish.... Yes I understand the water company is changing
the makeup of it but why cant I use R/O or distilled water for the water
changes and when these fish are ready to go back to their natural
environment, perhaps use some of their waters for acclimation and then let
them go ?
Just wanting to clear this up as I think the way it is written looks like we
must use the very water from which they came and I dont think this is
feasible for some instances....