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RE: NFC: Releasing Fish

Without the possibility of release of native fish into watersheds, the
breeder's program would have no function other than raising tank  fish for
other tanks :) forget the
repopulation of protected species -
 'endangered', or otherwise.

 The education part mentioned is the real key.  A few steps on proper care
of tank held animals and prevention of contamination, and care would be a
welcome addition to the NFC site (I'm not sure if one exists in the
articles, if so, highlighting it will be a
 priority of mine.)

 Furthermore 'mere' is relative (noted age of person posing the first
 question) and states an attitude no one should accept (either
 intentional or non).  It's a good idea for all sites involved in special
 to foster such questions and answer them with as much integrity as
possible.  Implied or direct bashing of people (regardless of age) or other
sites such as NANFA defeats the purpose of a board (sharing info)  - It's
not a one vs. the other - it's all
of us vs. the problems we face in any given circumstance.

I certainly need education and I've been  raising  fish commercially for
11 years so I am sure We would all enjoy some positive input on how to do
releases the right way.

After talking with RR (more like typing) We agree that a Best-worst scale
would be good in helping everyone practice safe fish handling (hard hat time
he he)

1.  1st Degree Scenario in releasing a native fish into a watershed.  A
species specific tank is recommended, isolated from other fish. Native fish
should be reared/bred in existing watershed water... then releasing the fish
in same watershed will result in the lowest probability of problems for the
target watershed.

2.  2nd Degree scenario:  Species specific tank, different watershed - If
releasing the fish into an alien watershed, then the species should already
exist in the alien watershed.   This will increase the probability of a
disease from a different watershed (example: releasing watershed specific
organisms into a vulnerable watershed)  A prophylactic anti biotic/fungal
treatment should be used prior to release to decrease possible pathogens.

3.  3rd Degree scenario:  Non-species specific tank - It should not be
recommended to release a native fish which has spent time cohabitating with
non-native fish or other aquatic organisms, but if such a situation were to
arise in which this is unavoidable it is strongly recommended to release
only healthy fish, and use a strong prophylactic prior to release.

4.  4th Degree scenario:  Non-native species release is not recommended and
in some cases against the law.

This is an outline of proposed guidelines.  I would appreciate some

I do believe the guidelines need to encompass all of us as pertinent
recommendations and worthy of following.  I would suggest refraining from
polarizing statements or creating guidelines which push extinction of the
very hobby - love we share for native fishes.  Example, keeping native
fishes places them in jeopardy with regards to their respective watersheds.
We could conceivably restrict ourselves right out of the monumental task of
learning the natural histories of our native fishes.  And keeping them in
aquariums is one of the best methods in learning about them.

I invite comment..


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And I am quietly standing by too, waiting for this to die................
Thank you one and all...........
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> I thought this subject to be long dead...in any case.  Yes, Jeremy's
> behavior was less than stelar as it dragged on.  However, for an
> organization that talks about how important is to educate people and help
> them to understand the situation, they handled extremely poorly.
> Jeremy's excesses can at least in part be explained by his mere 17 years,
> what about the older and wiser of NANFA who when Jeremy protested their
> arguments began to call him a "troll" and other such non-flattering terms.
> No no, Norm, my assessment was dead on as I quietly sat in the wings and
> watched it all unfold.  I stand by what I wrote.
> Luke
> On Wed, 22 Dec 1999, Norman Edelen wrote:
> > Hello Luke,
> >
> > I think that assessment of the situation to be one-sided and unfair.
> > was inappropriate behavior from Jeremy as well.
> >
> > Norm
> >
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> >
> > Jeremy,
> >
> >
> >   LOL!!! man! aren't you the glutton for punishment!  <grin>  I think
> > may find some people on this list cautioning you as well, but you won't
> > get the childish and belittling comments that the "NANFAdels" have been
> > throwing out at you.  For anyone who doesn't know, Jeremey has been
> > "promoted" to "troll", "troublemaker" and "assanine" on the NANFA list
> > because he wants to release two little channel cats he caught out of his
> > pond back to the same pond.  The exchange of "ideas" on that list has
> > enlightening to say the least.
> >
> > Luke
> >
> >
> > On Tue, 14 Dec 1999, Jeremy Carroll wrote:
> >
> > > What do you guys think of releasing aquarium fish back into the wild?
> > >
> > >
> >
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