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NFC: Fw: "2000 Feeding the Hungry Grant": $500 - $2,500 Youth Grants Available -Deadline Jan. 31, 2000

This grant announcement is
e-mailed to State 4-H Leaders, 1890 4-H Program Leaders, 1994 4-H
Program Leaders, Extension Directors, Foundation Directors, County
Extension Offices, National Program Leaders, Associates of National
4-H Council, and other interested youth organizations.  It is also
posted on the Youth Grants web page at
 Please feel free to forward this information. 

The National 4-H Council Youth Grants Program offers grants for youth
in local communities, counties, and on the state level.  These grants
provide opportunities for young people and adults to take action on
issues critical to their lives, families and communities.  Youth take
the lead in writing, implementing, and evaluating funded projects. 

2000 Feeding the Hungry Grants
Promoting Youth/Adult Partnership Action 
on Food Supply Issues.

Grant Description

Funding Provided by: Kraft Foods, Inc.

Hunger haunts all types of American communities, not just the
poorest.  But in many communities, residents are largely unaware of
the problem.  By increasing awareness and involvement, these
communities can significantly boost the food supply for the hungry.

Young people represent an enormous and generally untapped source of
energy, ingenuity and empathy that can be channeled to address local
hunger problems, with great results.  To help communities mobilize
this important resource, National 4-H Council with funding provided by
Kraft Foods, Inc. will offer local grants of $500 to $2,500 to teams
promoting youth/adult involvement in local food banking, outreach and
public awareness efforts.  These funds must be a 100% match by local
resources. Grant award funds are not to be used to establish or fund
new 4-H food and nutrition programs.

Grant proposals should meet the following program goals:
		*	to foster community-based, collaborative
action by youth, working in partnership with adults, to address local
food supply issues;
*	to increase the food supply available to those in need;
*	to help youth gain a working understanding of a food bank
operation and develop workplace competencies outlined in the U.S.
Secretary of Labor's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (the
SCANS) Report; and 
*	to educate the public about hunger and food supply issues.


Grant Schedule:

January 31, 2000                       Application Deadline
February 2000                     Grant Proposal Review/Awards Made
March 2000-Nov 2000         Grant project implemented
July 10, 2000                       Mid-term Report Due              
November 1, 2000                Final Report Due 
(unused grant monies MUST be returned by this date.  No exceptions
can be granted).
The full application can be found at
 If you wish to receive a hardcopy, please mail a self-addressed
envelope including 66 cents postage to :  Lori Soto, National 4-H
Council, Feeding the Hungry Grant Program, 7100 Connecticut Avenue,
Chevy Chase, MD 20815.