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Re: NFC: Re: Re: NANFA-- Plants

> My experience is the opposite.

Well, I guess you can't believe everything you read.  It sounds like you've
done some experimenting with this, perhaps because you read the same thing.
I have tons of java moss in every aquarium I own, but admit I haven't
actually tried it in a terrarium or paludarium.  I suspected it would have
to be VERY humid or even on soggy ground, conditions I do not require for my
woodland terrarium.  Perhaps loose moss won't cut it.  Maybe the sporocarps
may have to be well-rooted in order to conduct the moisture and nutrients
from the ground.  Anybody have any thoughts on this?


> In my paludarium, the java moss grows like crazy in the water.  I placed
> it on a hunk of driftwood that reaches into the water and only the bits
> closest to the waters edge.  The stuff that lived is the parts that
> could reach into the water to drink.  The higher bunches of JM still
> died off, even with daily mistings.
> I have a 20 gallon "long" tank which emulates a temperate forest floor
> where i have some mantella frogs.  Very humid, moist substrate, and the
> JM still dies.
> JM seems to need clean filtered water to do well.  At least in my tanks
> anyway.  It doesn't seem to need strong lighting since neither of the
> tanks I've mentioned have strong lighting and the 20 gallon has fairly
> weak lighting (enough for the pothos to grow like kudzu though).
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