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Re: NFC: Re: Re: NANFA-- Plants

Christian C Burke wrote:

> Java Moss, if I
> remember correctly, is primarily terrestrial, but grows in very damp
> rainforest conditions.  It just happens to do okay underwater.

My experience is the opposite.

In my paludarium, the java moss grows like crazy in the water.  I placed
it on a hunk of driftwood that reaches into the water and only the bits
closest to the waters edge.  The stuff that lived is the parts that
could reach into the water to drink.  The higher bunches of JM still
died off, even with daily mistings.

I have a 20 gallon "long" tank which emulates a temperate forest floor
where i have some mantella frogs.  Very humid, moist substrate, and the
JM still dies.

JM seems to need clean filtered water to do well.  At least in my tanks
anyway.  It doesn't seem to need strong lighting since neither of the
tanks I've mentioned have strong lighting and the 20 gallon has fairly
weak lighting (enough for the pothos to grow like kudzu though).


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