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NFC: Re: Fw: BOUNCE nfc at actwin_com: Non-member submission from [russellm at cais_com]

    Well eating fish that looks sick, that just goes to show how smart
anyone is or is not.  The pond or lake may not have Mycobacterium
infections, which can be found in the some home aquarium and also in nature
settings, which may not be noticed until the fish stress out.  Go ahead and
eat that fish(es), just make sure your Med.. insurance is paid up and there
are no clause in it for sickness bought on by dumb acts.
    On fish farms the tank raised fish have all kinds of systems set up to
fight any or most infections, not many home systems have half of they have.
Farms still will get problems now and then but can spot them sooner and end
sooner too.  Notice I didn't say anything about ponds on fish farms, they
have a higher rate of problems but again they have systems in place to
combat most all problems. good luck on any fish fry you have from your or
anyone's home fish tank.   JiM C.
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>Youll need to subscribe to the list to get responces. I forwarded te note
>to the list.
> [russellm at cais_com]
>>Jeremy Carroll wrote:
>>> What about fish that have been caught from a lake? See anything wrong
>>> re-releasing it?
>>I hate to be a wet blanket, but yes.
>>PS. All rules have exceptions, and this one probably does, too. ;-)
><snip, snip, over snip>
>I disagree.  The problem with water is that it runs down hill, and picks
>or dissolves all sorts of nasty stuff.  So the few little buggies that go
>into the pond with the catfish are 1) going to be killed by the gasoline
>from your leaking gas tank or poisoned by the big buggies from all that
>cr@p, or 2) be so badly diluted that they get lost and can't find any
>little buggies with which to make littler buggies with.
>Look at the magnitude.  He's talking about two fish in the same pond they
>came from a few months ago, not the wholesale introduction of ill
>non-native fish.
>Now if either of these catfish show any sign of illness, then they should
>be eaten right away and not released.