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NFC: Re: Fw: BOUNCE nfc at actwin_com: Non-member submission from [russellm at cais_com]

>What is this pond like anyway?  What is the geography like?  Describe it
>in paragraph form.

I dont know about acres wise cause I am not sure how that works but if I had
to say it is probally 3 acres. The deepest side is in a cove like area with
a bunch of down trees in the water perfect for breeding and cover for the
fry. On another side is a dam like structure that has a road winding around
for the bicyclist,skaters,etc. That were most ppl fish. Go around a little
more and there is a dock that extends out into the middle and then next to
that is a what I would call a little handicapped access platform. Then along
the bank next to that are trees,trees,and more trees. In the far corner
there is another small cove rea with empty barrels and large slabs of cement
with the surface of the water there covered in algae. The fish in ear are
redears,channel cats,flathead cats,bullheads,bass,large carp, and enough
bluegill and redears to fill a small sea. Caught about 100 of these guy in a