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 [russellm at cais_com]

>Jeremy Carroll wrote:
>> What about fish that have been caught from a lake? See anything wrong
>> re-releasing it?
>I hate to be a wet blanket, but yes. 
>PS. All rules have exceptions, and this one probably does, too. ;-)
<snip, snip, over snip>

I disagree.  The problem with water is that it runs down hill, and picks
or dissolves all sorts of nasty stuff.  So the few little buggies that go
into the pond with the catfish are 1) going to be killed by the gasoline
from your leaking gas tank or poisoned by the big buggies from all that
cr@p, or 2) be so badly diluted that they get lost and can't find any
little buggies with which to make littler buggies with.  

Look at the magnitude.  He's talking about two fish in the same pond they
came from a few months ago, not the wholesale introduction of ill
non-native fish.

Now if either of these catfish show any sign of illness, then they should
be eaten right away and not released.