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Re: NFC: Me.

But will he bring back any fish?  Hey Mexico is still North America!

"Joshua L. Wiegert" wrote:
> Hey All.
> I'm leaving here within the next half hour and online times will be
> sketchy up until the 28th, when they'll be nonexistant until at least the
> 7th of Jan, possibly until the 15th, as I'll be doing finals, visiting a
> few people, and lastly going to Belize. :)
> Enjoy a very cold, frigid, snowfilled New Years and such, whilst I sit on
> a mangrove cay sipping drinks with umbrellas with nothing but a pair of
> shorts on.  Jealous yet? :) Heheh.  Unfortunately, I'll be litterally
> working, doing some studies and such and will bring back many photos and
> stories to share. :)  I've been doing lots of updates on my own webpage,
> some of which ya'll may feel free to check out now, and will add a
> Belizian page upon return.
> Josh.
> end
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