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NFC: Me.

Hey All.
I'm leaving here within the next half hour and online times will be
sketchy up until the 28th, when they'll be nonexistant until at least the
7th of Jan, possibly until the 15th, as I'll be doing finals, visiting a
few people, and lastly going to Belize. :) 
Enjoy a very cold, frigid, snowfilled New Years and such, whilst I sit on
a mangrove cay sipping drinks with umbrellas with nothing but a pair of
shorts on.  Jealous yet? :) Heheh.  Unfortunately, I'll be litterally
working, doing some studies and such and will bring back many photos and
stories to share. :)  I've been doing lots of updates on my own webpage,
some of which ya'll may feel free to check out now, and will add a
Belizian page upon return.

Joshua L. Wiegert
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