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NFC: ] Fish images

Help Please

-------------------------------- forwarded text
From: "Anderson, Sarah [Ontario]" <Sarah.Anderson at ec_gc.ca>
To: "'webmaster at nativefish_org'" <webmaster at nativefish_org>
Cc: "Leadlay, Harold [Ontario]" <Harold.Leadlay at ec_gc.ca>
Subject: Fish images
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 16:26:07 -0500

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing on behalf of the Environmental Emergencies Section of
Environment Canada in Downsview, Ontario.   A component of our office's
is to provide technical advice and scientific expertise to responders
an oil or chemical spill on the Great Lakes.  One of the tools we have
developed to assist us in the provision of this advice is a collection of
Environmental Sensitivity Atlases for the Ontario Shorelines of the Great
Lakes and their connecting channels.  These Atlases were designed to aid
identifying sensitive features and resources and to establish priorities
clean-up of spills of oil and other hazardous material.  

Currently, we are creating an electronic copy (CD-ROM) of our
Sensitivity Atlases.  To make our CD-ROM Atlas more useful, we would like
incorporate the photos of each Great Lakes species of bird, mammal, and
found in the Great Lakes Basin.  Locating accurate high quality photos
each of the species identified in our atlas has been an incredible
challenge.  In a recent web search for images we have located several
possible sources for high quality photos.  We are contacting these
to solicit the use of their photos for our Atlas.  The Native Fish
Conservancy website contains many photos of fish required for our Atlas.
Can you help us by providing me with the email addresses of photographers
Konrad Schmidt, William Pflieger,  and Scott Niemela, as I wish to
them regarding their fish photographs featured on your website.

* * * * * After December 31, 1999 please reply to this message by
Harold Leadlay at <<Harold.Leadlay at ec_gc.ca>>* * * * * * 

Thanks in advance for your help.

Sarah Anderson
Assistant Environmental Emergencies Officer
Environment Canada - Ontario Region
(416) 739-5912