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Re: NFC: Releasing Fish

> >People who do it should be shot on sight.
> So you never done it?

Never, ever.  I know sometimes folks get emotionally attached to a fish that 
has lived a long time with you, but it is just a fish.  In all honesty, if a fish 
shop doesn't want it, and you don't want it, net it, kill it humanely, and use 
it for bait or fertilizer.

People don't think much about it, but in a lot of the US, aquarium released 
fish are establishing themselves and doing significant damage.  We've got 
Pacus and plecostomus roaming the streams and bayous of Texas, we've 
got Oscars galore in Florida; these fish displace native fish.  For every 
Oscar you see in florida, a black bass or sunfish was meant to be.  For 
every plecostomus you see in Texas a native drum or buffalo was meant to 

Richard Walker
Houston, TX