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*amargosae* Pupfish (was Re: NFC: Releasing Fish)

Jeremy Carroll wrote:
> >  LOL!!! man! aren't you the glutton for punishment!  <grin>  I think you
> >may find some people on this list cautioning you as well, but you won't
> >get the childish and belittling comments that the "NANFAdels" have been
> >throwing out at you.  For anyone who doesn't know, Jeremey has been
> >"promoted" to "troll", "troublemaker" and "assanine" on the NANFA list
> >because he wants to release two little channel cats he caught out of his
> >pond back to the same pond.  The exchange of "ideas" on that list has been
> >enlightening to say the least.
> Even the big dog robert rice called me a troll and a kid. Go figure...Just
> send your 3 little goats over the bridge and Ill try to avoid the kickin
> from the last one after i eat the first 2.

The problem, Jeremy, was that the previous discussions weren't included or
abstracted with your simple question about releasing fish. As a result, it
looked exactly like the questions some kids, mostly on AOL, just love to
send to lists to start flame wars. Guess the NANFA list was even more naive.

As a suggestion, it helps if you try to edit the previous quotes down to
just what it takes to make your comment or question be in context, but do
include them. [You just got a dose of what can happen if you do not.]

Obligatory fish stuff: 

I just had the pleasure of pulling 8 eggs from my tiny, young trio of
*Cyprinodon amargosae* Tecopa Bore, this morning! I thought they were way
too young, but I may be off and running with them. Yeah! :-)

I've been using filter floss as a spawning medium for the desert pupfish,
but most of these eggs were in the Java moss. I think only 2 or 3 were in
the slightly-pulled-apart wad of polyester floss. Hmmm...

More on spawning media for wild fish, later. I'm learning what a key it is
to success with really difficult fish!


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