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NFC: Hey Jeremy

I sympathize with your problem.  You got a fish that you like a lot and it
has outgrown the living space you have for it.  It's not uncommon.  Probably
every oscar owner has gone through it.

But you can turn this into an opportunity.  That catfish doesn't need much
to thrive.  Have you got a barrel or a kiddie pool for the fish?  A kiddie
pool in the corner of the basement with a sponge filter is all you need.  

If you have a dissenting family member, then those replies you've been
getting come in handy.  "I can't let it go in our pond because...." and give
it you best apocolyptic ending (we've seen some real doozies foe endings

Once you've claimed that part of the house for the catfish, it's YOURS
forever (that's one of the rules of fish keeping).  And if a dissenting
family member *really* dislikes your "temporary" setup, well that's what
Xmas is for, getting the setup we always wanted but were unwilling to pay
for ourselves.