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Off topic (was Re: NFC: Re: Re: Re: Re: Of pickeral (sic) and channel cats)


This subject was just booted. Thank you,most kindly, Joshua.

I guess I'm just an old hard-head, but what I *really* disliked about the
thread was the indiscriminant use of multipart MIME encoding. I find it
distracting and exceedingly irritating (even though my NetScrape 4.7 can
actually decode it). Unix systems and mail servers often cannot (it's a
PC/MAC-specific encoding, AFAIK).

Would it be too much trouble to ask folks to *please* set their editor to
"plain text" (ASCII) for the lists, and eliminate the garbage that's not
germain to native fish?

Obligatory fish stuff: 

I hate to wait until spring to do it. I have some nice young fish that I
want to get to Robert Rice for the Breeders Program. Would anyone who is
flying from the SF area to Fla. please volunteer to hand-carry a small styro
to him for me? I, Robert, and the Breeders would all be grateful to you.
Please contact me *off* list to arrange it. Thanks.


Wright Huntley, Fremont CA, USA, 510 494-8679  huntleyone at home dot com

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