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NFC: Re: Mudskippers


I had some that I kept in a tented (with mosquito netting) kiddie wading
pool. Some gravel, rocks and about and three inches of 1/2 salt water
finished the job.  It was fun to sit under the netting and watch 'em chase
the live brine and fruit flies.  I kept the room they were in at around
eighty degrees with a space heater. I think that they are South-east Asian
in origin. Although I have pictures of them on the banks of the  Alligator
river in the northwest corner of Kakadu National Park, N.T. So they are
definitely in OZ too.  It seems to me I've seen two varieties, one smaller
and more colorful that the other.  The males are a sight when they display
for each other! And they are very territorial.....


Brian Perkins, President
Metroserv Incorporated
     Tigard, Oregon

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>Anybody ever hear of them?
>Know what part of the country they are native too?