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NFC: Re: Amature stocking...

I don't know much about the subject and perhaps others with more experience 
and training than I can jump in here.  Comments welcome.

(1)  You may introduce fish disease by stocking fish from other waters.  

(2)  This disease may be picked up from the aquarium equipment you have and 
could even come from your tropical fish.

(3)  Many lakes were stocked with a management plan in mind, even if it is 
geared towards sport fishing.  Introducing other types or sizes of fish can 
screw this up.

(4)  If it is a public water, that area may be being used for tests by the 
professionals; introducing may result in bad data.

(5)  I suspect there may even be laws against stocking public waters, though 
I don't know that.  

(6)  In some cases, introducing new fish may change/screw up the genetic pool 
for the bad.  

Generally, while private stocking is probably well intentioned, what I have 
learned from the lists is that it is best left to the trained experts.  I 
never release fish in to the wild unless I just caught it.  If NFC doesn't 
have a code of conduct or something along thatl ine, perhaps we should have 
one and cover this subject.  It seems like NFC is supporting exotic removal 

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

In a message dated 12/12/99 4:11:21 PM US Central Standard Time, 
robertrice at juno_com writes:

<< Here are my thoughts on amature stocking. Thought it would make an
 interesting thread.
 Most people do what I I call ambush stocking, That is they put sport fish
 , aquarium fish into someone elses lake . Sometimes its a public lake
 often times its a private lake. Their intention is to have a new home for
 their giant oscar or to creat a secret fishing hole.....Thats patently
 If you dont have the nerve to speak to the property owner you shouldnt
 fish there,  its stealing. I own a Lake and It is amazing how many people
 will just walk up with a 6 pak of beer and a fishing pole and start
 fishing...heck i have had them take my lawn chairs to the other side of
 the lake so theyd be more comfy...