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NFC: Amature stocking...

Here are my thoughts on amature stocking. Thought it would make an
interesting thread.

Most people do what I I call ambush stocking, That is they put sport fish
, aquarium fish into someone elses lake . Sometimes its a public lake
often times its a private lake. Their intention is to have a new home for
their giant oscar or to creat a secret fishing hole.....Thats patently

If you dont have the nerve to speak to the property owner you shouldnt
fish there,  its stealing. I own a Lake and It is amazing how many people
will just walk up with a 6 pak of beer and a fishing pole and start
fishing...heck i have had them take my lawn chairs to the other side of
the lake so theyd be more comfy...

Of couse most folks agree releasing exotics is wrong so I wont diatribe
to much.

So heres my advice if you are gonna stock contact the state for a bit of
help in species choice etc. Basically get a list of No No's and start
from there...

Ambush stocking is OUT

Robert Rice
All Men are equal until the point of exertion