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Re: NFC: Re:NFC; Breeders speak up...

Welp, I have a bunch of darters, cwhich are in the wrong tank for the time
being, but soon eonough will be in their own specially made tank.  They're
not breeding, and I've lost two... but still have plenty of all the
others.  The Congo Tetras get a lot of the food, and if the darters can't
get it before they do, they don't get much to eat.  I wind up having to
feed lots to the tank, which is causing some nitrogen problems.
Fortunately, its heavily planted, so nop roblem.

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On Sun, 12 Dec 1999, dakota wrote:

> Ok folks, we're on a roll here with all the breeders sending in some kind of
> report...
> How about hearing from the rest of the people that have recieved fish ?  <G>
> Thanks,
> Charles Anderton
> Breeders Program
>  Committee