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Re: NFC: Anybody?

Jeremy Carroll wrote:
> Is anybody else here collect herps?

I have a modest amphibian collection.

2 Whites Treefrogs
1 unknown tropical new world frog.  Looks like a Cuban but unsure.  It
arrived at the supermarket with a shipment of cut flowers.
A whole mess of firebelly toads, various species.
1 Tiger Salamander
2 Fowlers Toads
10 Mantella viridis
12 eastern newts "red eft"

My solitary reptile is a jungle phase leopard gecko (female).  I don't
like the temperament of most reptiles but leopard geckos make great pets
for people who like to handle their animals.

I occaisionally collect native five line skinks as they are quite pretty
IMO and then release them towards the end of the summer.  I usually have
one or two fowlers toads overwintering with us.  Sometimes I capture
chorus frogs but they are SO LOUD that they aren't popular guests with


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