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Re: NFC: Recommend an airpump?

Sajjad Lateef wrote:
> Hi,
>         I would like to purchase a decent airpump that will have to power
> 3-4 sponge filters and have some spare air for an airstone or two.
>         I'd appreciate suggestions/recommendations.

That's actually pretty light duty, and most cheap diaphragm pumps will do
it, OK, unless the tanks are quite deep (>24"). They just don't last as long
and may not be repairable.

The next step up is the slightly pricier ones with two outlets. Those
usually can be teed together to provide more air to a single line. The
components may be a bit better quality, and spare parts are often available.
Try Tetra/Second Nature for the folks who made my current favorites, the now
discontinued Supra 4s (4 diaphragm, 2 outlet). They have newer models, now,
at the big mailorder sites. Mine could literally drive an airstone in the
deep part of a swimming pool. Parts are still easy to get by mail order,

Multi-outlet pumps have vibrating magnets that swing in opposite directions,
so much of the external vibration is cancelled out. It makes for at least
twice as much air at 1/4 the noise, usually. 

I have one Supra driving sponge filters or double-column UGFs in 12 10G
tanks, with lots of air to spare.

Vane pumps, piston pumps and blowers are only needed when you have hundreds
of outlets in deeper tanks, IMHO. They are always *much* too noisy for
household use, too.

That's my US$0.02.


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