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Re: NFC: Recommend an airpump?

Hey Sajjad.
  As my own rule of thumb, I don't endorce anything. :)  But, as a
generalized recommendation, I'd look into purchasing some pumps either at
a serious pond and reef store, or from a catalog.  TO power that much,
you're going to need a real air pump, not one of the diaphragm powered
ones you'll find in most pet shops.  If you did get one of these to power
this for a bit, it'd likely break down.  Lots of reefers use heavy duty
air pumps to power multipe skimmers and so forth, and therefore can
provide you with more information as to what you need, exactly.  Also,
some poinds use airpumps, and the oens they use are rather hefty.

That failing, I have an old "bathtub spa" pump laying around
somewhere...... Heheh, just klidding. :)

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On Thu, 9 Dec 1999, Sajjad Lateef wrote:

> Hi,
> 	I would like to purchase a decent airpump that will have to power
> 3-4 sponge filters and have some spare air for an airstone or two.
> 	I'd appreciate suggestions/recommendations. 
> Thanks
> Sajjad