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Re: NFC: Breeders speak up


I live in Michigan and can get black chin or black nose  shiners. Also Three
spine sticklebacks in the spring. I am working with green goodeids. Our auctions
feature a lot of goodeids. and cichlids
 a legacy of Dr. Miller at Uof M, Ann Arbor. E-mail me and lets see what we can


Lehmanwell at aol_com wrote:

> Hi
> Jack Lehman
> Austin TX
> lehmanwell at aol_com
> ICQ#55526291
> Breeders Program Member, waiting on fish.  Would like to work with pygmy
> sunfish and/or pupfish.  Keep larger sunfish, darters, and lined topminnows.
> Jack Lehman
> "eschew obfuscation"

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