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Re: NFC: Breeders speak up

robert a rice wrote:
> Are you keeping any fish from the breeders program ? 

Not yet.

> Are you willing to
> turn some of your fish into breeders program fish. 


> If so respond to the
> list here as we are about to update the website....and need the correct
> info of whos doing what where etc....

OK. Here goes.

Besides some desert pupfish species, I have *Heterandria formosa* No. Lake
Ponchatrain; Merry Widows, *Phallichthys amates*; and a few White River
Springfish whose population I could build a bit. One of the most interesting
fish to breed is plentiful around here. That's the armored three-spine
stickleback, *Gasterosteus aculeatus*. We also have *Lucania parva* (the
"Three Tenors Fish") in many of the creeks entering SF bay.

I haven't been trying to save babies, but have them and could on *Xenotaca
eiseni* the Red-Tail Goodeid, and *Poecilia mexicana* Moapa (near the
junction of AZ, UT and NV). I guess I need feedback on what is wanted, more
than anything. If someone *needs* a breeding challenge, I could collect some
Red Shiners, *Cyprinella (Notropis?) lutrensis*, from the Virgin River
(NV/AZ) in the spring.

Looking for Mexican pupfish, desert or brackish, and unusual fun livebearers
or killies.



Wright Huntley, Fremont CA, USA, 510 494-8679  huntleyone at home dot com

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