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Re: NFC: Re: cat food???

Imitation crab meat rules!!!!

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From: Chris Hedemark <chris at yonderway_com>
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Date: Sun, 05 Dec 1999 14:44:29 -0500

>Norman Edelen wrote:
>> I personally have always doubted products marketed in the aquarium hobby as
>> being only for one species.  I feed goldfish foods, marine fish foods,
>> tropical fish foods, and trout chow (considering broad categories of
>> prepared food, and ignoring the live and frozen and homemade foods I use) to
>> any species I am keeping that will eat flakes or pellets.  How can a
>> goldfish food not feed barbs?  On the other hand, I will never understand
>> one species hobbyists, those people only keeping goldfish, or only keeping
>> carp, or only keeping bettas, etc.  The hobby is all about variety.
>With some types of cichlids, and certainly with pacus, I've had great
>success using Repto-Min sticks from Tetra.  The food marketed for the
>fish I had didn't show good growth rate or coloration, but the turtle
>sticks showed both.
>Speaking of variety, I think that too is important in foods.  If you
>ever take the opportunity to inspect the stomach contents of a fish you
>will find a variety of foodstuffs has been consumed.  Especially in
>predators.  In bass I have seen crayfish, tadpoles, other fish, duckweed
>(presumably taken while eating fish near the surface), insects, and even
>on one occaision some kind of small rodent.  Most of the fish we keep
>are likely omnivorous and in order to provide maximum health, a good
>variety of foods must be provided.  I like to experiment.  Boiled
>spinach, chopped "cocktail" shrimp, bloodworms, glassworms, flake food,
>mussels.  I do shy away from frozen brine shrimp as it seems to make an
>awful mess of the tank and the fish don't seem to really go for it with
>as much gusto as some of the other foods.  Live brine is of course
>another story.
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Gary Rollwage