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Re: NFC: Re: cat food???

Hello All,

I personally have always doubted products marketed in the aquarium hobby as
being only for one species.  I feed goldfish foods, marine fish foods,
tropical fish foods, and trout chow (considering broad categories of
prepared food, and ignoring the live and frozen and homemade foods I use) to
any species I am keeping that will eat flakes or pellets.  How can a
goldfish food not feed barbs?  On the other hand, I will never understand
one species hobbyists, those people only keeping goldfish, or only keeping
carp, or only keeping bettas, etc.  The hobby is all about variety.


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"Gary Rollwage (Arlington)" wrote:
> Why would it be wrong for them?---do we really know what is right for

Yeah, the folks who do commercial foods know. My understanding is that
goldfish food needs to be highly alkaline, compared to trout chow or
tropical fish foods. The best balance of veggies to animal protein varies
between different genera, too.

That's why the better suppliers, like Hikari, have such a bewildering
variety of products.


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