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Re: NFC: Re: cat food???

Also the protein and carbo mix is different and protein source is important
too. Some cichlids are more into a veggie diet and some need a protein that
comes e from an animal source, like your cat food may have a higher content
of fish meal/by products in it.
I am taking a degree course in Aquaculture (I am also the oldest in the
program at 51) and we spent a whole semester on nutritional techniques.
That is why I asked about the type of fish and make up of the food.  Yes you
can feed your cat food the some fish and it would be good for them,  but
others will eat it and slowly die or succumb to secondary problems in their
    The fish industry have not even scraped the surface in the dietary needs
of all the fish sold as ornamentals.      JiM C.

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>"Gary Rollwage (Arlington)" wrote:
>> Why would it be wrong for them?---do we really know what is right for
>Yeah, the folks who do commercial foods know. My understanding is that
>goldfish food needs to be highly alkaline, compared to trout chow or
>tropical fish foods. The best balance of veggies to animal protein varies
>between different genera, too.
>That's why the better suppliers, like Hikari, have such a bewildering
>variety of products.
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