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Re: NFC: need help - adopt-a-tank

Hey Chris.

  As you undoubtably know, I am currently a student in the Ecology and
ENvironmental Technology program, eventually going on to get my degree in
limnology.  For me, aquaria have been rather inspirational towards this
goal.  From watching the fish in the fish tank, an ainterst in them and
later their natural habitats grew, which is developing itself into a
career in limnology -- which, I suppose, could be called the study of
their (the fishes') natural habitats.  Native aquaria give a rare
opportunity to study fish in more natural habitats -- lets face it, most
of us have a rather poor understanding of what the AMazon River is really
like.  We can set up _true_ biotypical aquaria from first-hand experiences
in the classroom and then even compare it to real ones....  A trip to Peru
is a bit expensive, especially for t he hour long period of high school.
However, a short jaunt tto the creek running beyond the soccer field is
perfectly reasonable.  
  During my project next semester, we will be using a fish tank of native
fishes to simulate the environment of a lake and understand how certain
chemicals applied to the watershed are affecting the fish and other life
in the tank.  THis is a very important leg of the study, and one that is
certainly in the lines of an adopt-a-tank type project.
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On Fri, 3 Dec 1999, Chris Hedemark wrote:

> Hey folks,
> I could use some help with something.
> I have a local teacher who is eligable for a $500 grant for setting up a
> native fish tank.  The catch is we have to submit a letter by monday
> highlighting how participating in adopt-a-tank will help prepare high
> school kids for a career (any career).
> If anyone here is a fisheries person or is in any way involved in a
> career linked to native fishes, fisheries, environmental science, etc. I
> would love to be able to quote you for our grant letter if you could
> provide a short statement of why you think Adopt A Tank is important for
> preparing high school students for a related career.
> I'm going to meet with the teacher this weekend to price out the
> equipment that they would need, and also supply a short book list.  The
> grant letter is the bit that I could use a lot of help with if any of
> y'all could help.  If this works I'd like to document the effort so
> others have something to work from on their own local efforts.