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NFC: need help - adopt-a-tank

Hey folks,

I could use some help with something.

I have a local teacher who is eligable for a $500 grant for setting up a
native fish tank.  The catch is we have to submit a letter by monday
highlighting how participating in adopt-a-tank will help prepare high
school kids for a career (any career).

If anyone here is a fisheries person or is in any way involved in a
career linked to native fishes, fisheries, environmental science, etc. I
would love to be able to quote you for our grant letter if you could
provide a short statement of why you think Adopt A Tank is important for
preparing high school students for a related career.

I'm going to meet with the teacher this weekend to price out the
equipment that they would need, and also supply a short book list.  The
grant letter is the bit that I could use a lot of help with if any of
y'all could help.  If this works I'd like to document the effort so
others have something to work from on their own local efforts.


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