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Re: NFC: state of things

Hi chris an easy stand for a 20 high is to take a  kitchen cabinet that is
24"long and 12 inches wide and fasten a top to it and put some trim around the
top.  I bought a 30 incher wall unit that I just did that to and it looks very
classy. The units are sturdy enough to take a 20 high.

Chris Hedemark wrote:

> I wrote:
> > The really cool news is my new employer is a really cool little company
> > that doesn't mind if I set up a fish tank in the office.  I have an
> > unused high-end "web cam" here at home which I'll probably also bring to
> > work and have a sort of fish cam going.  I could tie it into my site, or
> > if y'all want I can just have the pics updated to the Adopt-A-Tank site
> > if TPTB are keen on that.  Haven't given it a lot of thought yet but I
> > have all the stuff necessary to make it happen just laying around.
> Wow I didn't hear any commentary on this bit.  Well FWIW, the camera is
> set up but the fish tank isn't.  You can see the results of my testing
> on human subjects at http://yonderway.com.  My boss seemed dismayed when
> I told him "No, it will *not* be a reef tank" (he's into that end of the
> hobby).  Now if I could just find that stand I had for the 20 high......
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