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NFC: [Fwd: Fish behavior]

Can anyone help this fellow from the Brine Shrimp list?
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Hi everyone --

I was recommended by a very kind person on this list to a fish called a
"Brook Stickleback," also known as a "Pinfish."  I was looking for a fish
that had interesting behavioral patterns about which many pat behavioral
studies had already been completed, and one that hopefully could be bought in
a local fish store.  I wanted to know if anyone on the list had any idea
whether or not such fish are common aquarium fish, or even whether or not
they're often sold in fish stores.  So far, the answer seems to be a
disappointing no.

If this is the case that I am unable to find this exclusive fish, and if no
one has any other recommendations for a common fish with somewhat strange
behavioral patterns, I will stick with guppies.    I plan on testing their
reactions to variations in light and temperature, as well as
interspecifics/intraspecifics, and wanted to know all of your thoughts on
whether or not they would be a good fish to do (as well as whether or not
such tests have been done before).

Thanks for all your help.

BlakeR1234 at aol_com

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