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RE: NFC: Colecting trip

 I have some catenatus, they need big tanks and you would do well to
have several females per male.   They are very territorial and yet very
interesting creatures.  You might do well to collect juveniles there and
give them some space to grow.  I have about ten adults, only two are
females though, and the dominant male keeps all the other males a little
roughed up, but it diverts his aggression from the females. 

Any of those shiners would be much appreciated in the breeding program.

-> It's interesting that the duskystripe and bleeding shiners have the same
-> habitat and reqirements as their bleeding relations.  Even more 
-> interesting is that (at least in Missouri) duskystripes don't inhabit 
-> the same drainages as the bleeding shiners.  I wonder why???

-> Also my source says that bleeding shiners hatched this year should be 
-> 1.5 - 2.5 inches by now so I guess anything 2" or less would be OK 
-> for you.

-> Finally, there are no F. sciadicus where I'll be collecting.  But one 
-> of my favorites, the Northern studfish (F catenatus) (a great 
-> baitfish!) should be available and I won't be satisfied till I get 
-> some.  (I want to get some Ozark madtoms as well.)