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Re: NFC: Colecting trip

2 inches or less would be a perfect size.....when I collected bleeding
shiners in the past the sufferred from heat stress but you should have
none of that. Let us know how you do....you should also get a nice
variety of darters

On Wed, 24 Nov 1999 08:13:34 -0600 "Downs, Chris" <CDowns at bridge_com>
> >some juvenile cardinal, pilsbryi or zonistius (cardinal, duskystipe, 
> or
> bleeding shiner) which ever one of the three closely related forms
> occurs in the area.   
> Thanks for the list since it got me to looking into what I'll hope 
> to be
> finding.  (I guess I should have started there!  But the location 
> I'm going
> to collect was chosen for in a large part, "non-fish" reasons.)
> It's interesting that the duskystripe and bleeding shiners have the 
> same
> habitat and reqirements as their bleeding relations.  Even more 
> interesting
> is that (at least in Missouri) duskystripes don't inhabit the same 
> drainages
> as the bleeding shiners.  I wonder why???
> Also my source says that bleeding shiners hatched this year should 
> be 1.5 -
> 2.5 inches by now so I guess anything 2" or less would be OK for 
> you.
> Finally, there are no F. sciadicus where I'll be collecting.  But 
> one of my
> favorites, the Northern studfish (F catenatus) (a great baitfish!) 
> should be
> available and I won't be satisfied till I get some.  (I want to get 
> some
> Ozark madtoms as well.)

Robert Rice
All Men are equal until the point of exertion