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RE: NFC: Colecting trip

>some juvenile cardinal, pilsbryi or zonistius (cardinal, duskystipe, or
bleeding shiner) which ever one of the three closely related forms
occurs in the area.   

Thanks for the list since it got me to looking into what I'll hope to be
finding.  (I guess I should have started there!  But the location I'm going
to collect was chosen for in a large part, "non-fish" reasons.)

It's interesting that the duskystripe and bleeding shiners have the same
habitat and reqirements as their bleeding relations.  Even more interesting
is that (at least in Missouri) duskystripes don't inhabit the same drainages
as the bleeding shiners.  I wonder why???

Also my source says that bleeding shiners hatched this year should be 1.5 -
2.5 inches by now so I guess anything 2" or less would be OK for you.

Finally, there are no F. sciadicus where I'll be collecting.  But one of my
favorites, the Northern studfish (F catenatus) (a great baitfish!) should be
available and I won't be satisfied till I get some.  (I want to get some
Ozark madtoms as well.)