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NFC: Re: RE: state of things

Chris .... Look in the archives about a month ago for a recipe that Klaus
gave for using
Program... Or better yet.... Hey Klaus !!!  How 'bout the directions again
for those that werent paying attention ( like me) hehehehehe
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Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 1999 11:20 PM
Subject: NFC: RE: state of things

> Before you do that, try the remedy that I have adapted from pond keepers.
> recently received some minnows from a bait dealer in wisconsin with a few
> anchor worms which quickly blossomed into a serious infestation.  While
> surfing the web, I found that pond keepers often have problems with anchor
> worms.
> I found a website for koi ( http://www.koivet.com/program.htm )that
> recommends using a dog flea killer tablet to kill anchor worms.  It seems
> that Program flea control is the same chemical family as Dimilin, which is
> chitin synthesis inhibitor.  It will kill anything with chitin, including
> crayfish and shrimp, but not molluscs like snails.
> The cheapest site I found to buy program is:
> http://www.internetpets.com/program.html
> I used this med with my infested tank at the recommended rate and within 5
> days, the anchor worms were all dead.  My fish suffered no ill effects.  I
> treated mostly dace (southern red belly, pearl, black nosed and red side)
> and chubs (creek and hornyhead) along with a yellow bullhead.
> Geoff Kimber
> Tuicson,Az
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> Subject: NFC: state of things
> well this has not been a good year for my tanks...
> y'all may remember some panicking awhile back about the anchorworm that
> just won't go away.  It still hasn't.
> I plan on tearing my tanks down, baking the gravel (to try to kill the
> buggers), boil filter parts, etc. and start over.  Quarantine will have
> to be for longer periods.  One week isn't enough.
> Some folks were probably upset when I couldn't ship fish.  I can only
> apologize and ask you to remind me of this in the spring when hopefully
> things are better.  I cannot, in good conscience, ship out fish which
> are known to be infected with a particularly tough strain of parasite.
> I had the fish that folks were asking for but did not want to be pointed
> at for wiping out other people's collections.
> I also went through some unemployment which ultimately meant no more
> medications, fish food, etc. and had to get pretty creative.  I'm
> employed now but as we're on a monthly payroll cycle I'm still living on
> the lean (even though the salary is decent... I just haven't seen any of
> it yet).
> The really cool news is my new employer is a really cool little company
> that doesn't mind if I set up a fish tank in the office.  I have an
> unused high-end "web cam" here at home which I'll probably also bring to
> work and have a sort of fish cam going.  I could tie it into my site, or
> if y'all want I can just have the pics updated to the Adopt-A-Tank site
> if TPTB are keen on that.  Haven't given it a lot of thought yet but I
> have all the stuff necessary to make it happen just laying around.
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> "I would remind you that extremism in defense of liberty is no vice; and
> I would remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no
> virtue." - Barry Goldwater

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