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Re: NFC: SURVEY Time....

OK I am late so shoot me.

robert a rice wrote:

> 3 ?'s MULTI LEVEL answer at will
> 1.) Whats your general age ...ie 30's 40's etc

Late 20's.

> 2) What is your favorite fish related activity..ie fishing , collecting,
> dating :) etc...

That's a tough one.  I haven't been ocean fishing in years but I used to
love going out of Cape May with my grandfather and not catch anything
all day (damn gill netters).  Fishing was a good excuse for being on the
water.  I also brought home some neat stuff for my tanks occaisionally.

I also get together with some of the kids from our church's youth group
and go fish collecting, throwing most of it back but just taking a
moment to look at the rich diversity of piscine fauna in our state.

I am not a "professional fishologist" (i.e. I am not a F&W person or
ichthyologist or anything).  In fact, I am an system administrator for a
Digital Signal Processor design house in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 
I've been keeping fish roughly 20 years and only really got into natives
within the last year (though my tanks have been graced by natives off
and on over the years).  This last year has been very trying in terms of
disease control, since the previous 19 or so years never presented much
of a challenge on that front.  Maybe it is just the luck of the draw,
but this is the first time I've actually had to break down all my tanks
and start over for a reason OTHER than moving.


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