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NFC: state of things

well this has not been a good year for my tanks...

y'all may remember some panicking awhile back about the anchorworm that
just won't go away.  It still hasn't.

I plan on tearing my tanks down, baking the gravel (to try to kill the
buggers), boil filter parts, etc. and start over.  Quarantine will have
to be for longer periods.  One week isn't enough.

Some folks were probably upset when I couldn't ship fish.  I can only
apologize and ask you to remind me of this in the spring when hopefully
things are better.  I cannot, in good conscience, ship out fish which
are known to be infected with a particularly tough strain of parasite. 
I had the fish that folks were asking for but did not want to be pointed
at for wiping out other people's collections.

I also went through some unemployment which ultimately meant no more
medications, fish food, etc. and had to get pretty creative.  I'm
employed now but as we're on a monthly payroll cycle I'm still living on
the lean (even though the salary is decent... I just haven't seen any of
it yet).

The really cool news is my new employer is a really cool little company
that doesn't mind if I set up a fish tank in the office.  I have an
unused high-end "web cam" here at home which I'll probably also bring to
work and have a sort of fish cam going.  I could tie it into my site, or
if y'all want I can just have the pics updated to the Adopt-A-Tank site
if TPTB are keen on that.  Haven't given it a lot of thought yet but I
have all the stuff necessary to make it happen just laying around.


"I would remind you that extremism in defense of liberty is no vice; and
I would remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no
virtue." - Barry Goldwater