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Re: NFC: Colecting trip

Yep Plains Topminnow....Good call Klaus!!....BTW I sent out NFC pens
today to 15 or so of you...If they are a hit I'll buy 1,000 or so and we
can Have Joe T , Paul Sachs and any other proffessionalls distribute them
for free with products they sell along with haveing them as
outreach/awards tools for local volunteers

On Tue, 23 Nov 1999 09:55:46 +0000 klaus.schoening at jungle_org writes:
> -> Hmm...  I don't have my "Fishes of Missouri" here at work (where I 
> do my
> -> e-mail) so could you please translate fundulus sciaticus into its 
> -> Missouri form?
> some juvenile cardinal, pilsbryi or zonistius (cardinal, duskystipe, 
> or
> bleeding shiner) which ever one of the three closely related forms
> occurs in the area.   
> Fundulus sciaticus is the Plains Topminnow I think, it has a rather 
> dull
> body with metallic blue/green highlights and the males have red in 
> the
> fins.   There is also a Plains killifish but it has bars on the 
> flanks. 

Robert Rice
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