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NFC: Re: Limping along and jumping killies

Hey Robert, I have a wild caught F.chrysotus that will literally jump clear
of the water and bite my fingers when I am feeding the tank !!!  I feed him
imitation crab meat every once in a while and he will jump up and bite the
hunk of meat as I am picking it into smaller pieces for the other fish.....
And in case anyone is thinking that this is one of those
"you should have seen the one that got away " stories....  I have witnesses
to verify.... :O)
I dont normally name the fish in my charge but the family has come to call
this guy "Jumper" and the wife has been bitten a few times by just resting
her hand on the top of the tank, at least 2" from the surface.... Maybe a
name change to "Flying Chrysotus" is in order.... hehehehe
Later,                        Charles A.
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Subject: NFC: Limping along and jumping killies

> My CPU has been behaving badly and I probably missed a lot of
> emails....heres my new MSN acccount name lepomis2 at msn_com my juno address
> remains unchanged....
> Last night while sitting on the back porch one of the fundulus chrysotus
> leaped completly out of the water grabbed a small insect from the side of
> the glass and went back in to the water....He looked like a Pike for just
> a second...Bear with me as I try to get back up to speed....
> Robert Rice
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