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NFC: Breeder's Report...

Hi all, Klaus and I were talking about our progress with the different fish
we are attempting to breed and I was wondering if any one else was having
any success with the fish that they got from the Breeder's Program. I would
like to hear from all who recieved fish about the fish they have and what
they are doing in order to get them into spawning condition... I am curious
about other people's methods and would like to get some kind of status
report out about the Breeder's Program when I have heard from everyone...
Please send me a short note on the fish you are attempting to breed and how
you are getting along...If you are not getting any progress with your fish,
let me know that too and I might be able to put you in touch with someone
that has done it successfully before... Looking forward to hearing from
everyone, Thanks, Charles Anderton   dakota at startext_com