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NFC: Re: [Conservationkids] update on Adopt-A-Tank in public library

Yes to all my articles for use on ANY Adopt A Tank project....and YES to
pens when I get em I'll forward you some ...Thank You for all your

On Thu, 18 Nov 1999 22:23:08 EST CEFCHURCH at aol_com writes:
> Conservation Kids - http://www.nativefish.org
> Early last summer, we (Bill Flowers and I) set up a native fish 
> aquarium at 
> an inner city library branch.  I started off by getting a new 
> aquarium set up 
> donated by the owner of a local pet store chain, Uncle Bill's.  
> One of my first concerns was to put it somewhere safe from damage.  
> The 
> library branch manager acquired an old oak card catalog from storage 
> and it 
> has worked out great.  It is sturdy and puts the bottom of the 
> aquarium about 
> four and a half feet above the floor.  
> Bill and I have both donated native fish; Bill also donated plants, 
> slate and 
> driftwood.  I try to go there about once a week and do a water 
> change and 
> algae clean up.
> It has been a big hit.  I was able to position it in front of the 
> check out 
> desk where the staff can keep an eye on it and patrons standing in 
> line can 
> enjoy it while waiting.
> The staff reports lots of positive comments and there is usually 
> someone 
> standing there watching the fish.  
> A couple of things I have learned that might help others:
> I was lucky to find a full time staff person with aquarium 
> experience who has 
> willingly taken responsibility for the feeding schedule.  I think 
> this person 
> is key in having a successful set up. 
> We had some fish casualties.  I found that others are very sensitive 
> about 
> losing fish.  I also discovered while I have no problem sticking my 
> hand in 
> an aquarium to clean and remove deceased occupants, not everyone 
> else is.  
> We also keep the aquarium buckets, chemicals, nets, etc., in one 
> location.  
> We also clearly marked the buckets "For Aquarium Use Only" so 
> someone would 
> not use them for other cleaning purposes and accidentally 
> contaminate the 
> clean water only buckets.  
> A thing I have not done yet is get proper signage posted.  With 
> Robert Rice's 
> permission, I would like to reprint and post some of his articles.
> I'm also wondering if I could have a few NFC pens to give to the 
> library for 
> use in their children's program.  
> Chuck Church
> Indianapolis, Indiana USA
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