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NFC: Exotics collection

Andrew August
11/18/99 02:25 PM

To:   robertrice at juno_com.

Subject:  Exotic collection

I found your name on the NFC website.
"If you live in the Deep South and are interested in joining or creating an
Exotics Removal Team or if you'd like to be an NFC-sanctioned
subcontractor, please
contact robertrice at juno_com."

Sent this to Daryl, I haven't heard back yet.

So I 'll pose the same questions to you.

Plus some new ones ...

What are the details of sub-contacting  as refered to above ?
What removal teams exist in my area ?

We have miles of inland waters,
Has anyone mapped what species to a specific body of water ?


---------------------- Forwarded by Andrew August/USG on 11/18/99 03:16 PM

Andrew August
11/17/99 01:14 PM

To:   Phylesis at aol_com

Subject:  Exotic collection

My name is Andy August, I am an aquarist here in South Fl and came accross
your name in the NFC web page.

I have been keeping canal caught Tilapia and Plecos.
I am interested in finding other cichlids, such as Oscars and Mayans.

Where can I go to catch these ?
What are the best techniques ?
Do you need a fishing licence ?
Can you (legaly) use a cast net in freshWater ?

Is there A West Palm Beach Chapter ?
( I live in West Palm Beach and work in Weston. )

Many more questions to follow...


When I was little, my dad had a pet shop in Jacksonville, Fl..
I remember wading in the creeks picking Anacharis and catching mollies,
killies and flags.
Well now I have three little muchkins of my own and the're just about big
enough to hold a net.